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Learn All You Need To Know About Photo Editing
35 Professional Photoshop tutorials and much more. More information inside...

If you always wanted to know how to create and edit photos to the highest levels for your fun, your Social Networks or for your work needs, then this tutorial will do the job for you and will make you a professional photo editor. All you need to know about photo editing is included in this amazing program, and it will fit your editing skills in what ever level you starting it, if you only begin or if you just want to take your skills to the highest levels of editing photos.

Start Mastering Photo Editing Techniques Now!

You can take your photos to an whole new level if you can master the art of what we call photomanipulation, compositing and retouching. By mastering those techniques, you will be able to turn your photos into digital art!


This is part of what you're going to learn:

  • How to create a cartoon character with photomanipulation & retouching
  • TransfOrming photos of real people into caricatures
  • How to make facial features pop out with retouching
  • Using photoshop tools to add depth & character to a face
  • How to make your photos come alive
  • Bringing out the contrasts and details of your pictures
  • How to change tHe lighting in a photo
  • Adding special effects to make your image stand out
  • How to make your portraits look out of this world
  • Using retouching techniques to create fantasy portrait
  • How to turn a self-portrait into a studio shot portrait
  • Adding a high dynamic ranGe effect to build a cool look
  • How to create a surreal looking character with advanced retouching techniques
  • Transforming an average joe into an eye popping character
  • How to transform a basic portrait into a glamour shot
  • Immitating the result of a high-end phoToshop without the high cost
  • How to turn your photos into high impact magazine ads
  • Give your photo a "painted look" with surreal contrasts & colors
  • How to give your portraits the "video game look"
  • Transforming a portrait into something sleek and artistic
  • How to Create more impactful portraits
  • Improving the look of the skin with style
  • How to glam up a budget photo shoot with editing
  • Using gradients to transform the look and mood of a photo
  • How to turn a girl into a surreal character
  • Using retouching & photomanipulatioN techniques to create a disney-looking character
  • How to create stylised black & white portraits
  • Going beyond black & white
  • How to add an enchanted atmosphere to your photos
  • Improving the background and making your subject pop out
  • How to create breathtaking imaGes
  • Using advanced color grading and some photomanipulation to make your photos look spectacular
  • How to create a fantasy environment with photomanipulation
  • Using photomanipulation and color grading to add creativity to your photos
  • How to turn a daytime scene iNto a night scene
  • Adding details, colors, shadows & highlights to a city scene
  • How to turn your photo into a flashy poster ad
  • Giving your photos a slicker, eye catching & more colorful look
  • How to retouch your portraits like the pros
  • Giving your subjects the flAwless look they always wanted
  • How to give a photo a cool grungy desaturated look
  • Turning a photo into an edgy cover art
  • How to do an extreme makeover digitally in photoshop
  • Transforming a model into a supermodel
  • How to bring out colors & details in your photos
  • Turn a photo into a "reality show" poster ad
  • How to change the look of a dull photo with color grading
  • Pushing a raw photo to the max in photoshop
  • How to make the most out of your raw photos
  • Turn a photo with strong shadows & highlights into something that looKs like a hdr photo
  • How to create a lightbox for pocket change!
  • Creating a super cheap lighting setup for object photography
  • Digital painting for beginners: how to paint with a mouse
  • No graphic tablet needed, paint a girl from scratch with your mouse
  • How to creAte fantasy characters in photoshop
  • Transforming an old man into an alien with photo manipulation
  • How to make a portrait pop out of the screen
  • Using adavanced processing + color grading techniques to increase the details of the face
  • How to transform your portrAits with color grading
  • Pushing the colors and reducing the shadows
  • How to improve the look of your wedding photos
  • Using color correcting + color grading to enhance your photos
  • Continue to get more details inside

    Learning all the ways you can edit your photos and images is like someone that finally learns the proper drawing techniques. Before, the person was making interesting doodles, now he/she's creating works of art. The talent was there but it was not fully utilized. And it's the same thing with digital art and photo editing, once you learn the proper methods, you then unleash the creativity in you that couldn't fully be expressed before



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